Lydia Violet feat. at Candlelight Club

East Bay Community Space, 507 55th Street, Oakland, CA 94609

Candlelight Club is a new monthly tradition, where we gather some of the most compelling personalities from Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco together to break bread, have a glass of wine, and explore riveting live performances together.

The formula is simple: drinks at 7:30pm, dinner at 8:00pm, and the performance at 9:00pm.

The Candlelight Club ("CC") is a by-invite potluck dinner event for "artist-centric" (not "audience-centric") performance, around sometimes challenging, controversial or enlightening (and often thrilling) themes. CC is also an affordable date, a sit down dinner with new and old friends, in a sexy, fun, engaging atmosphere. The crowd is eclectic, extremely warm and generous, and passionately curious. Everyone either brings a dish or a drink, or both--and shares what they're bringing on the Facebook Event Page (muy importante for the planners!). It's a co-created, non-profit (but we pay musicians and performers because we believe in what they're sharing) community event. We limit participation to the 100 who sign up first because we're committed to an intimate, conversational atmosphere. Friends of The Candlelight Club may request additional invites from the organizers (Kevin and Luke), but we ask that you inquire before inviting others. Thank you!

Theme Performance: Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We're In Without Going Crazy

Our world is in the midst of great political, ecological, and social crises, where the future of 95% of earth’s current inhabitants hangs from the frailest of threads. It is in times like this that we can access depths of our profound care and energy for helping turn the tides towards healing and survival. It is also easy to access feelings of despair, overwhelm, and anxiety as we witness great powers abusing our most sensitive communities. In our culture, our inner pain can be interpreted as a sign of weakness, so we hide our doubts and despairs for fear of appearing weak or not receiving the support we need. This pain is not a weakness, but a sign that the we still care deeply about what happens to each other and our planet, a care that is the binding force of life that will pull us back to each other as we move forward in more socially conscious and sustainable ways.