Active Hope Workshop w/ Lydia Violet

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Jigsaw, 10 Belvedere Court, Mountjoy, Dublin, Ireland

Learn how to deal with eco-anxiety and gain motivation to help yourself and others deal with a crazy times on a crazy planet!

The Active Hope Network and LYCS Development Education are delighted to host two day long workshops exploring the powerful 'Work that Reconnects" (WTR), enhanced with some community singing to help deepen our connection to ourselves and each other. They may be taken separately or together. Saturday is open to all and Sunday is aimed at people who would like to facilitate this work with their groups.

The Work that Reconnects is a dynamic, interactive group process which helps us to gain a sense of connection to each other and to the web of life, and motivates us to play our part in creating a sustainable civilization. It is invaluable for anyone who is involved or would like to be involved in promoting positive change for people and planet, and addresses the emotional reality of 'how to face the mess we're in without going crazy'. It was developed by Joanna Macy, an American activist, scholar and respected elder in systems theory, deep ecology, and Buddhism.