Lydia Violet is a gypsy-heritage violinist and passionate singer/songwriter, who has just released her debut album of new music, "Already Free." available on iTunes, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Spotify

As featured on Democracy Now! w/ Amy Goodman

Lydia Violet is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist who is deeply inspired by folk, blues, and protest music traditions. In her solo project she combines fiddle, banjo, and her soulful voice to offer a soul-folk revival experience. She also plays with singer/songwriter Ayla Nereo and Brooklyn based spoken word group Climbing PoeTree. She uses her stunning violin sounds and soulful voice to bring her listeners into deep communion with the beauty of our world. Lydia’s musical inspiration arises from her experience in ecological and social justice activism, participating in the great work of restoring peace and dignity to our world. In the past year she has collaborated with Rising Appalachia, Climbing PoeTree, Ayla Nereo, MaMuse, Joanna Macy, and been featured on Democary Now! w/ Amy Goodman. From electronic funk and Louisiana gospel to old-fashioned blues and classical, Lydia delights in sharing the medicinal power of music.

"Being on the road has an inherent quality of song. It feels so natural to sing as you walk, in wanderlust, lustful, full-throated, belting out melodies at the hills. Sing up the sun. In your walking you sing your path. Nomadism’s rhythm is the sun. Nomadism’s melody is the songline. On the leaning way, the slanting way, the canting way, music echoes the lilt of the land. The singer is chanting, canting the descant part, till the way is steeped in song, en-chanted, sung, the singer chants the way and walks the song, and the way and the song and the singer are one." - Jay Griffiths

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