The moment has never been more ripe nor ready for feminine protest music, and there’s a new artist on the scene to deliver a rallying cry.”

Bee Getz, Compose Yourself Magazine

Lydia Violet

Lydia Violet is an accomplished Iranian-American multi-instrumentalist weaving together Southern blues, American roots, and Iranian folk music traditions. In her live band she combines fiddle, banjo, and luscious 3-part harmonies to offer a soul-folk revival experience, ushering in a new wave of protest music. She also currently plays with Brooklyn-based dynamic spoken word duo Climbing PoeTree and Lakota songwriter powerhouse Lyla June

Lydia also has studied closely with deep ecology elder and Buddhist scholar Joanna Macy for the past 9 years, learning how we can metabolize our pain for the world into energy for resilience, action, and community. She runs The Music As Medicine Project, a non-profit dedicated to creating access to music and music education as tools for cultivating resilient cultures in our communities.



- Feature performer for Permaculture Action Solidarity Tour w/ Rising Appalachia

- "Come to Life Colorado"  w/ Rising Appalachia & Lyla June

- Friday night headliner @ The Convergence

- PNW Tour opening for Climbing PoeTree

- Headlining tours throughout California, Oregon, Washington.

February 2017- Featured on Democracy Now! w/ Amy Goodman

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"Violet’s serene and soaring violin work is paired with an intoxicating clawhammer banjo, revealing a delicate and determined rhythm that serves as foundation for the songstress to weave her narrative." -  Compose Yourself Magazine  

"In these turbulent times on earth, we need music that reconnects us—to ourselves, to one another, and to our gratitude for this world. Lydia Violet’s new album, “Already Free,” does just that."- Invoke Magazine

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