Lydia Violet w/ Lyla June

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Resource Center for Nonviolence, Santa Cruz, CA

Run4Salmon California Tour 2018: Building solidarity between our communities — Featuring music & spoken word from Lyla June w/Lydia Violet, Desirae Harp & Jota Effectus

Come out and get inspired by amazing musicians while learning more about struggles for water and cultural survival in the Sacramento River watershed and in the Monterey Bay area.

In Northern California, indigenous nations are fighting massive infrastructure projects that threaten their waters, fish, and indigenous lifeways. Increased water diversions from the Sacramento River watershed to Southern California cities and farmland threaten to drive Chinook salmon and other at-risk species to extinction.

In the Monterey Bay area, the Amah Mutsun tribe is waging an all-out campaign to stop a proposed sand and gravel quarry that would desecrate Juristac, one of their most important sacred places. Learn more at

Sliding scale $5-20 admission— A fundraiser for the 2018 RUN4SALMON and the PROTECT JURISTAC campaign

The Run4Salmon is a 300-mile prayer journey led by the Winnemem Wintu Tribe that follows the migration route of salmon from the San Francisco Bay to the McCloud River. This year’s journey will take place September 15th-30th and your participation is invited. Learn more: Follow #Run4Salmon on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter